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Thursday, March 18, 2021

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Attention striper fishermen: Effective January 1, , non-offset inline circle hooks must be used when fishing for striped bass with natural baits like clams, squid, mackerel, menhaden, seaworms, and eels. Using inline circle hooks significantly increases survival of released striped bass by reducing occurrences of gut hooking. Using non-offset inline circle hooks significantly increases the survival of released striped bass. Specifically, circle hooks are designed to reduce occurrences of gut hooking, which describes when a fish swallows a bait and the hook becomes embedded in its stomach or esophagus.

UAE’s Masdar hooks up with Malaysia’s Petronas for Asia renewables

U-Brackets | McMaster-Carr

By David Manners 11th March Deci, the Israeli deep learning specialist, has entered a broad strategic business and technology collaboration with Intel to optimize deep learning inference on Intel CPUs. As one of the first companies to participate in Intel Ignite startup accelerator, Deci will now work with Intel to deploy innovative AI technologies to mutual customers. The collaboration takes helps enable deep learning inference at scale on Intel CPUs, reducing costs and latency, and enabling new applications of deep learning inference. New deep learning tasks can be performed in a real-time environment on edge devices and companies that use large scale inference scenarios can dramatically cut cloud or datacenter cost, simply by changing the inference hardware from GPU to Intel CPU.

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Often used in washrooms, these brackets mount panels and partitions. The two -piece design accommodates a wide range of panel thicknesses. Designed to wrap around the sides of strut channel, these brackets provide a stronger hold than other strut channel brackets. Brackets mount on the outside of strut channel to allow trolley movement. Elevate robot arms with these bases so they can reach onto raised surfaces, such as conveyor belts or workstations.
Hang larger, heavier items than standard hooks with these load-rated hooks. Styles J - L have foam padding to prevent items from slipping and scratching. They can also be used as shelf brackets. Styles M - P are often used to store hose.
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