Uncertainty dating relationships

Saturday, March 13, 2021

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With patience, understanding and a positive approach, one can deal with uncertainty in a relationship. A change in perspective with effective communication can reconstruct your relationship in no time! The key to dealing with uncertainty is being in control when things go out of control. Uncertainty makes up most of our life.
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The beauty of uncertainty

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Uncertainty Reduction Theory - Interpersonal Communication

When you first start dating someone, you're guaranteed to be filled with all kinds of uncertainties. Like, when are we going to see each other again? Are they really into me? Is this going to turn into a relationship or is this just a casual thing? As time goes on, these uncertainties should fade away. But if you're still uncertain about things in your relationship by your first anniversary, experts say your partner may not be "The One. Do they bring out the best in you or the worst?
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Relationship Advice the Way You Need It

The uncertainty reduction theory , also known as initial interaction theory , developed in by Charles Berger and Richard Calabrese, is a communication theory from the post-positivist tradition. It is one of the only communication theories that specifically looks into the initial interaction between people prior to the actual communication process. The theory asserts the notion that, when interacting, people need information about the other party in order to reduce their uncertainty.
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Falling in love is awesome. But unfortunately, it isn't always like it is in the movies. Hollywood would have us believe that a lot of the time, people meet, fall in love, and after a few comedic twists and turns, live happily until the credits roll. Although there are some relationships that are like that, there are usually a few less-than-comedic twists and turns along the way. In real life, we often experience relationship uncertainty at a few different stages.





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